Hyperbaric Treatment Help Heal Frostbite Injuries

This article explains how Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), is used to treat Frost Bite.

In these frigid temperatures, frostbite is a major danger to our skin, but now there’s a solution: oxygen!

At Healing with Hyperbaric in North Suburban Northbrook, they’ve added frostbite to the menu. Inside, tubular hyperbaric chambers are lined up and humming along. Patients sitting inside them rest, watch a little TV and take in oxygen pumped in from a giant tank sitting in the parking lot.

“Oxygen has a lot of healing properties. It reduces inflammation, which occurs with many different medical conditions – burns, infections and that inflammation can destroy tissue and cells,” said Dr. Janet Tomezsko of Healing with Hyperbaric.

The air we typically breathe is 21 percent oxygen, and inside a hyperbaric chamber, it’s 100 and pressurized.

“Almost like they are scuba diving. They are down underneath sea level in terms of pressure,” Dr. Tomezsko said.