Oxyvein is a manufacturer and sales delaer of Hyperbaric Oxygen and Decompression/Diving Chambers, both for public and private customers.

Our philosophy has three core elements: “High Quality”, “Advanced” and “International” and these values have underpinned the development of “world manufacturing” by offering chambers that satisfy customers' needs.

Our production itself as well as all the connecting components are made under European and U.S. qualifications and standards. 

Certification - Manufacturing  

Oxyvein HBO chambers are certified according to European and USA standards as follows:

1. Medical Certificate according to EU 93/42/EEC (CE certificate)  

2. Pressure Vessel Certificate according to 2014/68/EU (CE certificate) 

3. Inspection certificate of Fire Suppression system according to American NFPA 99 standard 

We will continue to take on new challenges as the world’s top hyperbaric oxygen chamber  maker. It is a great honor to us that we contribute to the wealth of people’s lives “anytime, anywhere” through manufacturing.