Spare Parts

Hyperbaric Mask

Soft, lightweight, and flexible, this head harness conforms to the contours of your head without pressure or hair entanglement. Can be worn comfortably under helments and visors. Cross-over straps ensure even weight distribution and an even seal. The ultimate in comfort and protection. Easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble. Both parts can be cleaned in a washing machine.

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BIBS Regulator

Regulator is designed to administer oxygen or gas mixtures to a diver or patient in a hyperbaric chamber environment. The demand regulator assembly provides breathing gas on demand (inhalation). The regulator is designed to operate with a constant inlet pressure.

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Mask Hoses

High-flexible breathing air hose – The masks are connected directly to a compressed air or oxygen supply.

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Compact design, polymer or die-cast Barbed fitting or threaded connection Operating medium compressed air. Cylinders series are designed to reduce noise produced from air exhausts in pneumatic systems and pipes.

Acting as a muffler which is essential for reducing sound to safe decibel levels within industrial work environments they improve user comfort.

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Oxygen Sensor

nterferences against anesthetic gases according to DIN EN ISO 80601-2-55:2012. Up to 22 months warranty from the date of shipment (depending on sensor type). Life time up to 60 months. Storage time up to 6 months max. depending on sensor type. Storage temperature between min. 0o C and max. 40o C in original package. Operating temperature between 10° C and 40° C Minimum or basically no warm-up time. Less risk of leakage based on improved sensor housing. Highly accurate and stable perfomance. OEM possible

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