World Wide References

City / CountryClientProduct/Service
1Brasov / Romania Private ClinicOxymulti 12P Hyperbaric Chamber
2Ljubljana / SloveniaPrivate CustomerOxyhub Wellness Chamber
3Malaga / SpainPrivate ClinicOxyduo 2P Hyperbaric Chamber
4Indore / IndiaPrivate HospitalOxymono Hyperbaric Chamber
5Mumbai / IndiaPrivate HospitalOxymulti 4P Hyperbaric Chamber
6Delhi / IndiaPrivate ClinicOxymono Hyperbaric Chamber
7QatarPrivate ClinicOxymono Hyperbaric Chamber
8Tashkent / UzbekistanPrivate ClinicOxymulti 8P Hyperbaric Chamber
9Oran / AlgeriaPublic HospitalOxymulti 12P Hyperbaric Chamber
10Dubai / UAEPrivate CustomerOxyhub Wellness Chamber
11İskenderun / TürkiyePublic HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
12Meram / TürkiyePublic HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
13Konya / TürkiyeCity HospitalOxymulti 14P Hyperbaric Chamber
14Trabzon / TürkiyeState HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
15Mersin / TürkiyeCity HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
16Adana / TürkiyeCity HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
17Kayseri / TürkiyeCity HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
18Bodrum / TürkiyeTurkish Army Special ForcesTRCS Chamber 10 Year Maintenance
19İstanbul / TürkiyeTurkish Army Navy ForcesTRCS Chamber Revision
20Casablanca / MoroccoPrivate HospitalOxymulti 12P Hyperbaric Chamber
21Biškek / KyrgyzstanGovernment ProjectOxydeco 2P Diving Hyperbaric Chamber
22Malabo / Equatorial GuineaPublic HospitalOxymulti 10P Hyperbaric Chamber
23Guimarães / PortugalPrivate ClinicOxyhub Wellness Chamber
24Bursa / TürkiyeState HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
25Çanakkale / TürkiyeState HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
26Kayseri / TürkiyeCity HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
27Sakarya / TürkiyeState HospitalMulti Chamber Maintenance
28Algiers / AlgeriaPublic HospitalOxymulti 15P Hyperbaric Chamber
29Abu Dhabi / UAEPrivate CustomerOxyduo 3P VIP Hyperbaric Chamber
30Newcastle / United KingdomPrivate ClinicOxyhub Wellness Chamber
31Kelvinstraat / The NetherlandsPrivate ClinicOxyhub Wellness Chamber
32Poprad / SlovakiaPrivate ClinicOxymono Hyperbaric Chamber
33Bardejov / SlovakiaPrivate ClinicOxymulti 4P Hyperbaric Chamber
34Eindhoven / The NetherlandsPrivate Clinic2x Oxyhub Wellness Chamber
35Bregenz / AustriaPrivate CustomerOxyduo 3P VIP Hyperbaric Chamber